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The Global Recipe Project

Food traditions are central to every culture across humanity, and should be celebrated! Crowded Earth Kitchen is your source for exploring food experiences (recipes and stories) which are gentle on the earth and promote wellness in three important ways. First, healthy foods which nurture our physical wellness will be prominently featured here. Second, budget-conscious kitchen habits which promote financial wellness will be shared. Third, indulgent recipes will be occasionally offered, but only if they are alive with beautiful stories which promote the cultural wellness of our Crowded Earth.

Crowded Earth Kitchen is maintained by two women who know each other better than they know themselves!  Betsy is a chemist who prefers to keep the kitchen and the laboratory quite separate, a PhD educator, and a Mom.  She wears all three hats – in reverse order – while cooking.  Carly Ellen is an author and food traveler who incorporates delicious recipes into each of her stories.  She has a minor obsession with French boulangeries, and is sublimely happy with a fresh baguette and cup of espresso in any European cobblestoned square.  How to Bake a Chocolate Soufflé, the first book of Carly Ellen’s new food fiction series was released in late 2014.

You will find new recipes posted every 48 hours, so remember to check in often!  Periodically, you will find new, valuable information on food-related wellness and environmental issues under Food for Thought.  Feel free to join in the conversation and post your thoughts on these topics.  Canning tips, lighthearted fun, free giveaways, and other fun surprises are tucked into the nooks and crannies of Crowded Earth Kitchen, so go ahead – look around and make yourself comfortable.

Please enjoy all that Crowded Earth Kitchen has to offer.  Your questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!

Affiliate Disclaimer: Occasionally, Crowded Earth Kitchen will share links from the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. If you purchase an item using one of these links, a small percentage is returned to Crowded Earth Kitchen for advertising. So, now you know!

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17 replies to “About

  1. Thank you for the follow. AND i am staying up past my bedtime pouring over your recipes. I hate to cook, but after having slobbered over the step-by-step photos perhaps I can overcome my culinary laziness.

    1. I hope the photos help! I’m a “cook and freeze” person myself… I enjoy cooking when the mood strikes, and I also enjoy being able to select from a wide range of frozen meals when the mood, er, doesn’t. 🙂 The broth for today’s French Onion Soup freezes well, and it only takes a few minutes to pull out a quart of broth and complete the recipe. I digress!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog… Finding new recipes is one of the things I struggle with all the time, especially with my one year old, so I’ll look forward to having yours popping up in my news feed. I’ll let you know when I try one 🙂

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I’m glad because I found yours. I’m so thrilled to read your ‘about’ page because it looks like I’m reading about myself 🙂 I’m not joking, I’m a chemist (got my Ph.D. in organic chemistry 7 years ago in the U.S, but I’m taking a break from my career right now. I’m a mom too and my new interests are in making healthy food and following sustainable practices.

    1. Kindred souls! 🙂 I’m finding blogging to be a great way to network in a more social realm. I feel like my own interests have shifted through parenting, and I feel like the shift has been positive!

  4. Thank you for a blog that has things I can drool at. I’m much more of a grow the herbs/vegetables and cook it in a slow cooker or wok cooker. I tend to wander off and burn things in my oven while I’m gardening. Slow cooker is the answer. I will definitely take a look. Thank you for reading my post.

    1. Burning things in the oven while gardening… I’ve done that! I’ve also had a pot of soup boil over because I “quick ran outside” to gather some greens, got distracted in the garden, and the rest is history. That’s why baking is for rainy mornings. 🙂

      1. b-a-k-i-n-g???? I thought that was a myth:) Rainy mornings, I go out in the rain barefoot and get my feet wet. Very logical. I’ll have to try that if I can get someone to nail my doors shut. LOL!

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