Alvor Mercadinho da Ria

A few weeks after our discovery of an open air market in Porto, we happened upon an enchanting little market in Portugal’s Algarve coastal town of Alvor. Known locally as Mercadinho da Ria, this menagerie of pop up, shaded market stalls appears on Sunday mornings around 8 am and has completely vanished by mid-afternoon. For us, it was a lucky find!

Portuguese cabbage is the staple ingredient of caldo verde, a popular soup
Algarve larangas are a source of local pride
Pimentas are popular in Portuguese cuisine

Fava beans, or graos de fava, are a popular pub snack

Pleasantly tart loquats grow on many backyard and roadside trees in the Algarve
Passion fruit, or maracuja, are a delicacy

Life is short. Play with your food!

Grãos de fava

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