Thirsty Thursday Contest Ends Tomorrow!

THIRSTY THURSDAY:  Submit a beverage recipe to
The Global Recipe Project!  One beverage recipe entrant will be randomly selected to receive a Reader Giveaway copy of The All You Can Dream Buffet!  Contest Ends Thursday, May 15th!

Anything goes!  Your favorite bar drink, smoothie or shake, lassi or chai, coffee or punch… submit a recipe for your chance to win! 

The All You Can Dream Buffet

Barbara O’Neal wrote a book about me! OK, so it’s not really about me… but close enough. Barbara O’Neal’s latest book, The All You Can Dream Buffet, tells the story of an unlikely collection of foodie friends whose lives span both states and decades. Lavender, Ginny, Ruby, and Val – the “Foodie Four” – found each other through their passion for blogging. What’s not to love about that?

On the surface, Barbara O’Neal weaves a tale of a feisty, elderly organic farmer seeking a suitable heir for the fruit of her life’s work, Lavender Honey Farms. Under the guise of an 85th birthday party invitation, Lavender Wills lures her young(er) foodie friends to her farm to vet an appropriate successor. Ginny, Ruby, and Val each show potential, and each blossoms in different ways at Lavender Honey Farms.

Dig a little deeper, and astute readers will unearth poignant themes related to the cycle of life. Personal stories of emotional droughts and cataclysmic storms are soothed by examples of personal growth and bountiful if surprising harvests. Comedy and tragedy, drama and romance, all flank a central story of friendship between four unique women.

The pièce de résistance in The All You Can Dream Buffet is a two page chapter… you’ll know it when you read it. If these two pages aren’t the most heart stoppingly memorable pages you ever read in a work of fiction… well… what am I saying? They will be, of course they will. Go ahead, brew a cup of lavender tea and settle in with The All You Can Dream Buffet. Your soul will be warmed by this book.

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