Kumquat Stuffed Dates


I can’t in all good faith call this a “recipe.”  It’s a simple serving suggestion, but a darn good one to use for that appetizer you told your boss/neighbor/Aunt Mildred that you would bring to the meeting/block party/bridge club, and then forgot ALL about.  If you have ten minutes and opposable thumbs, you’ve got this!

In case you’ve never tried them, kumquats are delightful little grape-size citrus fruits.  Just pop one in your mouth for an amazing burst of flavor reminiscent of a tart orange.  Tuck one into a sweet date, and the flavor combination will make you smile.  They are in season right now – give them a try!

picture642 Ingredients (Makes 24 bite size appetizers)

24 Noor Dates, pitted

24 small kumquat

Maple syrup or honey to drizzle over the top as a garnish, optional



Gently open each date and tuck a kumquat inside.  Dates are sticky, so the easiest approach is to pull each date almost in half, and then mold the date back around the kumquat with your fingers.  Easy peasy.  Arrange on a serving plate, or tuck them by the half dozen into small storage containers (shown left) for unique lunchbox treats.

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