Hofbräuhaus Pilgrimage (Yes, I AM a tourist – what tipped you off?)

A full liter of dunkel bier and a half liter of weiss bier

Thus far on our European Food Tour, we’ve managed to avoid (most of) the touristy kitsch.  Indulge me just this once.  We were in Munich, we were hungry, and we did it… we followed the camera wielding masses into that most epic of bier halls, Hofbräuhaus.  Simply put, it’s too old and too big NOT to visit!  The history of Hofbräuhaus dates back to the 16th century, and is a long, fascinating story.  The current building – “only” 117 years old – can seat a whopping 1,300 hungry and thirsty guests.

High, painted ceilings
Bavarian style oompah band

For me, the most fascinating thing about Hofbräuhaus is how, despite the hordes of tourists, the old bier hall is clearly beloved by locals.  If you don’t believe me, check out the bier hall’s website.  An impressive number of tables are reserved for regular guests, many of whom own their own bier steins and store them in one of the 454 lockers available on site!  Possession of one of these lockers is considered a status symbol among regular guests.

Whether drinking from a fancy schmancy bier stein or a plain old glass mug, everyone can enjoy a hearty and delicious meal.  I’ll leave you with a few photos while I pack my bags.  Next stop:  Austria!

Pork Knuckle
Bread dumplings in a mushroom cream sauce
Spaetzle (for Half-Pint!)
Apple strudel
Gift shop (Of course there’s a gift shop… just feel your way through the sea of blinding camera flashes, and you’ll find it eventually!)


2 replies to “Hofbräuhaus Pilgrimage (Yes, I AM a tourist – what tipped you off?)

  1. I also visited Hofbräuhaus when I was in Munich! It is such a cool place. You hit the nail on the head! It is a great mix of locals and tourists; basically everyone who is ready to for a few drinks, a hearty meal, and to have a great time is welcome!

    1. We really enjoyed it. Mostly, we traveled through rural areas and small towns without many non-European visitors. Munich was different for us, and not always in a good way (overpriced coffee, pay restrooms, that sort of thing). Hofbräuhaus was a really nice “happy medium” in that it was touristy, but still authentic. A fun memory!

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