Thanksgiving Leftovers: The Bubble & Squeak Edition

Guest Post!  Big Thanks to my friend Angie Vee for writing our post today! Enjoy!

Bubble & Squeak
Bubble & Squeak

I’m an American.  Exaggeration is second nature and I lack a verbal filter.  My mouth spouts every subversive thought my brain concocts and I only worry about whom my opinions offend after.  So, when a friend asked me to write about “that weird thing you (sic) do with Thanksgiving leftovers” for her fancy, respectable foodie blog, I felt honored – and, a little bit apprehensive.  Why?  Because I frequently say things like this:

Black Friday was particularly vile this year.

There, I said it.  Black Friday is the adversary to good will; the thief of joy and holiday cheer.  All across America on this day, shopping centers are transformed into a kerfuffle of terror reminiscent of Germanic folklore’s ultra-gory Krampuslauf.  Turning on the TV, I can hardly tell the difference between video feed of otherwise good neighbors behaving badly at local big box stores or scenes from George A. Romero’s 1978 zombie massacre, Dawn of the Dead.

Angie 1

This meme says it all.

Well, count me out.  Alternatively, a few years ago my Hubbins and I decided to start a new post-Thanksgiving tradition – leftover turkey dinner for breakfast, only crispy and fried!  That’s right.  CRISPY!  And, FRIED!

You see, the British do this wonderfully bizarre thing with their leftovers called Bubble & Squeak.  Sounds adorable, right?  They toss the leftover ingredients from last night’s roast into a mixing bowl, mash them together like a meatloaf mix, form little croquettes, and then shallow fry ‘em up for breakfast the next morning.  It’s called bubble & squeak because – you guessed it – the croquettes actually bubble and squeak in the frying pan.  (Those Brits are so clever.)   Usually, the mishmash is loaded with whatever leftover potatoes, cabbage, veggies, etc. are on hand.  Now, apply the same process to your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Ange 2

First, shred the turkey and chop the veggies.

(There were no leftover veggies this year, so you’ll just have to pretend.)

Angie 3

Then, toss some turkey to the cat.

Next, add the stuffing or dressing and bind it all with mashed potatoes.  Mix well with your bare hands.  No need to add any additional seasonings.  Roll the mush into little balls and smoosh them with the palms of your hands.  (Referring to those little smooshed goo balls as croquettes will surely impress your friends.)

Angie 4

Dusting each croquette with flour or bread crumbs prior to frying is optional because they turn will out delicious either way.  The important part is that they are browned and crispy on all sides.

Angie 5

Shallow fry, approx. 4-6 min per side.

Angie 6

Oooh!  Bubbles.

 Finally, we top the patties of fried goodness with leftover gravy, cranberry sauce, or creamed corn.

Angie 7

There, now you have it.  Thanksgiving leftovers, the bubble & squeak edition!




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