March Madness Has Arrived, Crowded Earth Kitchen Style!

We’re giving away TEN FREE BOOKS in March!  You’ll find fiction and nonfiction books, funny and thought-provoking reads, something for everyone… all with a tie-in to great cooking and wellness.  Here’s the scoop on our first reader giveaway – all you need to do is comment on a post!  How easy is that?

Lessons in FrenchFreebie #1:  Lessons in French, by Hilary Reyl

How to Win:  Simply comment on a Crowded Earth Kitchen blog post anytime between now and March 7th to be automatically entered in the giveaway drawing!  While you are welcome to comment as many times as you like, you will be entered in the giveaway drawing up to once per day.

Contest Ends March 7th!  This book has been chosen to correspond with Crowded Earth Kitchen’s “Week in Paris”… watch for fabulous French recipes throughout the week!


Hilary Reyl’s debut novel, Lessons in French, is neither a recipe book nor a travel guide.  That said, I dare you to read this book without feeling an irresistible urge scour through French cookbooks or invest in a plane ticket.  Lessons in French leads readers on a meandering journey through the heady sensory experience that is Paris, while sharing the coming-of-age story of Kate, a young American returning to the scene of difficult childhood years under very different circumstances.  A lesser author might allow the backdrop of the swank Sixth Arrondissement to overwhelm the story, but Reyl builds rich characters and plot layers worthy of both her chosen environment and her doctorate in French Literature.

…and the food, Oh, the food.  Spaghetti with baby clams, red peppers, and bursts of garlic.  Artichoke hearts topped with crème fraiche and served with haricots verts.  Petits fours and pâte feuilletée.  Chestnut profiteroles and omlettes aux bolets.  Turkey with hazelnut and prune stuffing.  Camembert-and-butter baguette sandwiches and Comice pears.  Have you booked your plane ticket yet?

When not distracted by the urge for an epicurean delight, readers will enjoy the peculiar puzzle that is Lydia, Kate’s eccentric employer.  Readers may find their teeth set on edge by Clarence, Lydia’s husband, and Portia, the couple’s grating daughter, while still feeling compelled to read just one more page.  And another.  And another.  As for Olivier, and Bastien, well, you’ll just have to read the book.

Link to the book:

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