Eis in Eisenach, Germany

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEisenach is a bustling town of approximately 40,000 people in the Thuringia region of central Germany.  As the birthplace of composer Johann Sebastian Bach and nearest town to Wartburg Castle, Eisenach welcomes a significant number of tourists (mostly German) every year.  Watching tour busses navigate the narrow, perilously steep roads near the town center is nerve wracking indeed!

Visitors can easily walk through Eisenach for hours perusing outdoor markets (see above), taking in museums, visiting churches, and enjoying fountains.  During the summer months, Eisenach can get quite toasty warm.  Air conditioning is not a common amenity, leaving sightseers to find other ways of cooling off.  Thankfully, Eisenach cafes and restaurants take “Eis,” or ice cream, to whole new levels.

Crowded Earth Kitchen is sharing ideas instead of recipes for you today.  Once you take a look at the photos from our ice cream adventures below, I don’t think you’ll mind.  All you need are ice cream and toppings (fresh fruit is a must!) from your local market, and a little imagination. Have fun cooling off deliciously!


Traditional Spaghetti Eis: Vanilla ice cream piped in the shape of spaghetti noodles, topped with strawberry slices and coconut shavings
Chocolate Banana Spaghetti Eis
Amaretto Eis: Vanilla Spaghetti Eis topped with amaretti cookies, chopped walnuts, coconut shavings, and a drizzle of amaretto liqueur (sigh…)
Butterfly Eis for half-pint visitors
Semi-creepy clown eis for half-pint visitors and eccentric adults!


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