I wonder if Mozart would enjoy this pineapple salsa?

The Ghost of Mozart performing in a Salzburg public square.

Salzburg, Austria takes being the birthplace of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart pretty darn seriously, if curiosities such as Mozart impersonators covered in metallic paint can be considered serious!  A visitor would be hard pressed to walk more than a block or two in historic Salzburg without seeing some sort of tribute to its classical composer hometown hero.


While Salzburg is a truly beautiful city to visit, it is also pretty toasty in late summer.  In late afternoon, the cobbled streets are downright hot.  Those alpine breezes I was hoping for?  Yeah, not so much.  Salzburg is nestled into a valley in the Alps.  This means that while fresh mountain air no doubt swirls high overhead, it skips right over sweltering tourists and continues on its way.


As much as I am enjoying the city, I need to cool off, or not even the spray painted Mozart ghost will be able to make me smile.  I have a ridiculous amount of pineapple left over from making Austrian Preserved Fruit, so today we are making Pineapple Salsa!  Super easy and beautifully seasonal, pineapple salsa is delicious served with tortilla chips, or as an entrée ingredient over a plate of shredded chicken and rice.  All that is required to make this salsa is the ability to dice fruits and vegetables into small pieces, and the ability to count to “one.”  Even my head-addled brain can handle that.

Fresh Pineapple Salsa Over Chicken And Rice


1 fresh pineapple

1 fresh, firm mango

1 white onion

1 red bell pepper

1 jalapeno pepper

1 lime

1 bunch of cilantro

1 teaspoon sea salt


Step 1) If you’ve never cut a fresh pineapple before, don’t worry – this is easy.  First, slice off the top and bottom, removing only about 1/2 inch.  Next, you will be able to clearly see the round core in the center of the pineapple.  Just slice down around it, top to bottom, removing long slices of fruit.  Toss the core into your compost bin, or better yet, place it in a mason jar and cover with rum.  Rumor has it, freshly made pineapple rum (let it soak for a few days) is delicious.  😉

WIN_20140824_130627Step 2) Dice your pineapple, mango, onion, and red pepper into bite size pieces.  Combine in a large bowl.

Step 3) Finely dice your jalapeno, removing most of the seeds first (wear gloves!).  Chop cilantro.  Add jalapeno and cilantro to the bowl with other ingredients.

Step 4) Roll your lime around on the counter, pressing firmly, to release the juice from the pulp.  Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice (as much as you possibly can) over the bowl of ingredients.  Mix well.

Step 5) This recipe may be enjoyed fresh – just store it in the refrigerator.  If you wish to can this recipe, proceed on to step 6!

Step 6) (For canning only…) Add all ingredients to a large pot and bring to a boil.  After mixture boils, remove from heat and ladle into sterilized, pint size canning jars.  Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice to each canning jar for extra acidity and safety.  Leave 1/2 inch of headspace.  Place lids and bands on jars, and process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.  Store in a cool place for up to one year.


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