Eat like the French (Or, “How to get a whole bunch of vitamins with your bacon!”)


Escargot utensils in a French bistro

We’re enjoying a two ingredient, three minute nutritional powerhouse today.  For less than 100 calories and 3 grams of fat, we’ll get more than a full day’s worth of Vitamin K and Vitamin A.  We’ll also get over one-third of the Vitamin C we need today, along with a healthy dose of fiber and a few grams of protein.  And, there’s bacon.  Ready? All you need is a slice of bacon, and the leafy tops from a bunch of beets.

Don’t make that face.

Would the French make you eat something terrible?

Of course not.

Seriously, greens are just about the most nutritious thing you can eat today, and beet greens are particularly good for you.  Beet greens are also spectacularly delicious when stirred into crisped bacon.  I say “stirred into” because that’s really all we’re doing.  Greens are thin and cook in a snap in just a smidge of hot bacon fat.  Before anyone raises their eyebrows, no, I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about the bacon fat, given the greens they are adorning.  Let’s get started!

PS – We’ll use the beets themselves next time.  Don’t make that face.  You’ll like it!

WIN_20140913_152717Ingredients (serves 1 or 2)

1 slice of bacon

Leafy tops from one bunch of beets (about 3 beets)


Step 1) Dice bacon and saute in a hot pan for 2 minutes or until lightly crisp.

Step 2) Slice beet greens into 1 inch strips and add to pan. Remove from heat and stir for 1 minute.  Serve.  Really, that’s it.  The salt in the bacon itself is enough for me, but feel free to season as desired.  Now, eat your vegetables bacon!




4 replies to “Eat like the French (Or, “How to get a whole bunch of vitamins with your bacon!”)

  1. This sounds yummy, we just picked up some golden beets from the farmer’s market yesterday. I’ve been using the greens in my morning smoothies, but this could make for a great dinner side dish!

  2. My mom always made this. The beet greens are so tender and delicious. Haven’t thought of this is years. A great reason to look for beets when I go the farmer’s market tomorrow. Thanks!

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