Figues et Fromage (Figs and Cheese)

Figues et Fromage

French cooks do seasonal, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing really, really well.  It can be an intimidating art to mimic!  Figs make the attempt easy.  Somewhat exotic in appearance, figs become even more enticing when you slice them open.  Their distinct texture, rich wine color, mild sweet flavor, and light perfume makes them just about perfect all on their own.

WIN_20140914_203712Figs are in season right now.  If you know anything about figs, you know they only stay in season for about five minutes.  Run… RUN to your local market and pick up a few of these lovelies right way!

To achieve the presentation above, simply slice a fig into fourths and fan on a pretty plate. Add a single ounce serving of local cheese the side – anything mild and creamy will pair well with figs. I’m using L’Edel de Cleron, a soft cheese reminiscent of Brie, but with a slightly nuttier flavor and thicker rind.  Sprinkle with walnut halves and drizzle with honey.  It’s that simple! The next time someone stops by for coffee, try serving this instead of cookies.  Enjoy!

One small section of the hundreds of cheeses available in a French supermarket

6 replies to “Figues et Fromage (Figs and Cheese)

  1. Figs,cheese and honey are one of my favorite snacks. I took this to work once, and it was one of the first plates empty. Everyone loves it! (I roll goat cheese into small balls and scatter them among the sliced figs)

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