I’m Sorry, Ireland

Lunch in Dublin

I didn’t get the whole story the first time, and for that I apologize!  After traveling to Amsterdam via Dublin several months ago, I wrote about my, ah, lackluster experience finding something decent to eat in the Dublin Airport.  Well, I just passed through the Dublin Airport (sack lunch in tow!) once again.  It turns out, my connection the first time caused me to completely miss the central dining area, which is really quite lovely.  This time, instead of frowning over a $3 million dollar muffin and mediocre coffee, I enjoyed a solid meal.  My travel companion and I dined on fresh lox with sides of marinated beetroot, perfectly seasoned couscous, olive salad, and soda bread.  It still cost approximately $3 million dollars (I may be rounding up a bit), but at least it was satisfying and sustaining for the long flight over the Atlantic.

Expensive, but more appealing than airplane food!

I’ll say my temporary good-byes to Europe in my next post (I seem to have an unexplained lump in my throat…).  For now, I’ll leave you with a few redeeming photos of dining options, should you find yourself in Dublin!

A chocolate lounge? Why, yes!
Last minute snacks for the looong plane ride home.
Irish Truffles

3 replies to “I’m Sorry, Ireland

    1. You should have seen the meal options on the way over… we were darn near leaping for joy that this was an option. I should clarify, I don’t usually complain about airport (or airplane) food, because my expectations for food quality and value in those environments are pretty low. That said, door-to-door travel from my home to Amsterdam is approximately 24 hours. A modern miracle, yes, but when children are factored into the equation, well, I’m not feelin’ the miracle about halfway through. 😉 Even (or especially) if a traveler accepts airport pricing as inevitable, it should not be so difficult to find a reasonably balanced meal!

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