Mexican Chayote Salad (Cinco de Mayo Dinner, Part I)


Cinco de Mayo is a great celebration not only in Mexico, but also in Mexican-American communities throughout the United States. Celebrated on May 5th (obviously), Cinco de Mayo is akin for many to the 4th of July. Both days offer an opportunity to celebrate heritage with family, friends, and great food. Crowded Earth Kitchen is happy to help you out with the great food part! Over the next few days, we’ll build the components of a delicious Cinco de Mayo meal.

WIN_20150419_121058Today we’re beginning with a simple salad featuring chayote, a vegetable native to Mexico. Chayote is a gourd, along with melons and squash. Resembling a wrinkled pear, chayote is low in calories and high in Vitamin C. Most chayote recipes are cooked… but chayote is actually quite crisp and delicious raw. The entire fruit – peel, seeds, and all – is completely edible. We’re taking advantage of that fact by simply washing our chayote and shaving it on the side of a box grater (a mandolin slicer would work just as well). From there, all we need is a bit of acid and spice. Delicious!

Ingredients (Makes 6 side dish servings)

Two chayote (should be firm when squeezed and the size of large pears)

Juice from one lime

1/2 teaspoon chili powder

1/4 teaspoon sea salt


Thinly shave chayote using the side of a box grater or a mandolin slicer. Toss chayote with lime juice and chili powder. Sprinkle with salt. Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to 1 hour.

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