Young Baker Spotlight – Congratulations, Olivia!

Olivia LaceToday’s post is a big ol’ Crowded Earth Kitchen shout-out to Olivia in Emmetsburg, Iowa – CONGRATULATIONS, Olivia!

Why are we so excited about Olivia, you ask?

Olivia is a talented young baker who won both a Blue Ribbon and Junior Recognition at the County Fair with the Rustic Apple Cake she baked! That’s a pretty impressive 5th grader, folks. Olivia is ten years old, and completed her first year of 4H. When she’s a bit older, her baked goods may very well be featured in the Iowa State Fair!

Olivia’s mother Marilee says that Olivia has been helping her bake “since she could sit on the stool by the counter” and now loves to make zucchini cake, muffins, and cookies largely on her own. Olivia’s next big project is kringla (we’d love to see that featured on Crowded Earth Kitchen, wouldn’t we, readers?). Olivia can already roll out kringla almost as fast as her mom… next is learning to mix the batter on her own.

French Bread NotecardHere at Crowded Earth Kitchen, we believe that food traditions are important. Young bakers like Olivia are carrying forward these traditions into the next generation – awesome! Olivia will receive a set of European Bakery notecards for sharing her story with Crowded Earth Kitchen.

Readers, if you know of another young baker or young cook who should be featured on Crowded Earth Kitchen, please contact us! We’d love to share more stories like Olivia’s.  🙂

2 replies to “Young Baker Spotlight – Congratulations, Olivia!

  1. What a lovely article about Olivia. Such a great way to start the day – reading something positive and cheery! Way to go, Olivia!

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