Chadian Chicken and Okra


This recipe for Chicken and Okra was generously submitted by Sheryl Slocum for inclusion in The Global Recipe Project. Sheryl once lived in the north-central African nation of Chad, and pointed out that recipes based upon weights and measurements are really a Western idea. Her recipe, below, reflects this reality. Thank you, Sheryl!

Ingredients and Directions

Chop garlic and onion; fry in oil. Add water and/or chicken broth. Add pieces of chicken (I like legs and thighs, but it is a matter of taste). Add lots of cut up okra. Add curry, ginger, cardamom, chili powder (or something to give hotness). Salt and pepper (significant salt).

Let cook for a long time till the okra is cooked down, stir periodically so nothing burns to the bottom, keep adding water/broth as needed until the okra is cooked down. Add peanut butter with a heavy hand, stir all together (Don’t add peanut butter too soon or it will sink and burn on the bottom of the pot). Although not Chadian, I sometimes add raisins. Best when served with Maggi sauce (like a soy sauce).

Serve over rice or with boule. Boule is a starchy dish sort of like mashed potatoes. Boule is the staple of Chadian diet.


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