Tokyo Dining: Never Enough Noodles!

Noodles in broth with thin sliced green onion and a poached egg

Seriously, friends. If you like noodles, you’ll love Tokyo. In addition to the ramen and tsukemen dishes previously featured here on Crowded Earth Kitchen, there exists a seemingly endless variety of noodle bowls. Hooray!

We’re not giving you a recipe today. Instead, we are encouraging you to start with a pot of basic ramen broth (just follow Step 2 on the link provided) and use your imagination! Pick up a package of good quality dry noodles, cook according to package instructions, and use the images below to inspire your personal creation. If you conjure up a particularly yummy bowl of noodles, please post a comment and share!

1024182114a (1)
Noodles in broth with shrimp wonton, green onions, and bean sprouts
Ramen noodles glazed with broth and chili oil
Tonkatsu ramen
Noodles in broth with beef wonton and seasoned with Chinese five spice powder
Udon noodles with kanaboko fish cake

The world is small… have big fun!


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