Uobie Sushi

1025180755If you’ve been reading Crowded Earth Kitchen for a while, you may remember our enchantment with Uobie Sushi. We quite fell in love with the place two years ago and, upon planning our most recent return to Tokyo, actually used the distance from Uobie Sushi as one of our criteria in selecting a hotel! True story.

Located very near Shibuya Crossing, the busiest intersection in the world, visitors experience a delightful sensory overload before ever entering the restaurant. Once you arrive, the real fun begins. Diners sit on stools at counters, help themselves to complimentary matcha tea, and begin ordering small plates of sushi and other delights from a personal iPad (yes, an iPad).

Mere minutes later, selections are whisked out on conveyor belts, stopping in front of the appropriate guest. If the whole experience doesn’t make you smile, I’m sorry. You’re no fun.  😉

From L to R: Uni with grated wasabi, Salmon with onion and chili, and Tobiko

Uobie Sushi isn’t the most fancy sushi in Tokyo (see review of Sushi Tokyo Ten), but Uobie Sushi is a great value. It’s fresh, affordable, casual, and fun. Most small plates are only 108 yen (about $1 USD) for two pieces!

From L to R: Salmon roe with cucumber, Shrimp with black pepper mayo, Salmon/Tuna pair, and Shrimp with a latte (because why not?)

If you find yourself in Tokyo, I hope you also find yourself at Uobie Sushi. The world is small… have big fun!

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