In The Garden: First Harvests

Moving into late July, my Northern vegetable garden has been growing for almost eight weeks. This means – finally! – the first vegetables are being harvested here at Crowded Earth Kitchen! Weather permitting, we’ll enjoy increasingly bountiful harvesting for the next six to eight weeks. So exciting!

Here’s a peek at some of what’s happening In The Garden:

Banana peppers, always the first peppers of summer, are bountiful this year.
Ground cherries, a new garden addition, are coming along nicely.
The first of the hot peppers are turning red!
Broccoli heads are about six inches in diameter.
Zucchini are surprisingly late this year, but are finally growing strong.
We’ve picked about two quarts of beans so far.
With a new net to protect raspberries from the birds, we’ve harvested a whole quart of berries so far. Happily, we’ll be able to pick again tomorrow!
Poblano peppers, typically harvested near the end of summer, are already growing rapidly. So delicious…
Cucumber vines are just beginning to produce. We hope to begin canning pickles in another week or two.
The greens bed has exploded with chard and kale. Self-seeded tomato plants are peeking through the chard leaves, and will offer a cherry tomato bonus in September.

5 replies to “In The Garden: First Harvests

  1. I can’t wait until I can start harvesting in my garden. Things are very late this year, even my raspberries are slow to ripen. I’m hoping this week will be the week. The bushes are full of berries and I can’t wait to taste them.

    1. I hear you – slow garden here as well. My raspberries started last week, only about 1/2 cup per day, and now are approaching the height of harvest. I may even get one or two before the kids claim them. 😉

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