Tokyo Food Tour! Kappabashi-dori


Just outside of the Asakusa neighborhood lies Kappabashi-dori, Tokyo’s “Kitchen Town.” The hundreds of shops which line Kappabashi-dori sell everything, and I do mean everything, a serious home cook or restaurant owner could possibly need.

Kitchen wares from floor to ceiling!


Some shops sell a bit of everything, with deals to be found for those willing to shimmy through narrow aisles, crouching low and reaching high. Some shops sell exactly one product, such as restaurant chairs or noodle strainers!

If you spend an afternoon on Kappabashi-dori, you’ll be sure to find something you never knew you needed but you surely can’t live without. It’s a must-see Tokyo attraction for a traveling foodie like me.  🙂

This shop sells everything you need to open a Chinese restaurant. 

Happy traveling, and happy cooking!

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