Tokyo Food Tour! Pizzaria Buono Buono

Pizzaria Buono Buono

Nestled into the Asakusabachi neighborhood in Tokyo is Pizzaria Buono Buono, one of our dinner stops during our second week in Tokyo.

“Pizza? On a Tokyo Food Tour?”

Well, if someone visited New York City and raved about a Japanese restaurant, would that seem odd? Of course not. Likewise, Tokyo is a global city, and a hungry traveler can find just about any cuisine as long as they’re willing to venture beyond the narrow lanes of shops that line the immediate area surrounding most train stations. My crew was up for a walk and craving a dairy fix from cheesy pizza. Enter Pizzaria Buono Buono.

The Menu!

It was a quiet evening, and the owners greeted us heartily, speaking English, before escorting us to a beautiful, rustic wood table. Being asked where we were from and how we were enjoying Japan was nice, as language barriers while traveling often impede such pleasantries. American Rock and Roll from the 1950s was piped throughout the restaurant, which was decorated with musical instruments and memorabilia from the same era. How unexpected and fun!

Tuscany Pizza

Our pizzas were delicious – I highly recommend both the Genovese and the Tuscany. All in all, dinner at Pizzaria Buono Buono was thoroughly relaxing, not just because our pizzas were cheesy and our beers were cold, but because we spent a few hours reading and hearing our native language while eating familiar food. When traveling to distant places, especially with children, an occasional meal such as this is not a cop-out, it’s a recharge. The very next day, we resumed sampling delicious, traditional Japanese foods with gusto and navigating language barriers with care, our dairy cravings sated.  😉

Life is short and the world is small. Eat well.



One reply to “Tokyo Food Tour! Pizzaria Buono Buono

  1. This is great, and the pizza looks yummy! I love your thought “if someone from Japan traveled to NYC and posted about a Japanese restaurant, would it seem odd?” Really puts it in the right perspective! 😉

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