Nalewka Babuni for Beginners

N1Don’t kill the messenger, friends, but the holiday season will be here in the blink of an eye (I know, I know…). A pretty bottle of Nalewka Babuni makes a wonderful gift! Translated approximately as “Grandma’s Liqueur,” Nalewka (pronounced “Na-LEF-ka”) Babuni is easy to prepare and delightful when the weather turns cold. While you only need a few minutes of actual prep time, Nalewka Babuni needs to rest in a jar for three months for full flavor. That’s why we’re starting today!

Some people use whole fruit when preparing this liqueur; I prefer to use fruit pits. This allows me to use the fruit itself for other recipes, and I find that using fruit pits adds a bit of almond flavor along with the flavor of the fruit itself.

I’m making cherry Nalewka Babuni, but feel free to use your imagination. Instead of cherry pits, you could use peach pits, plum pits, or even almonds.

N2Ingredients (Makes 750 mL)

750 mL of good quality vodka

At least 2 cups fruit pits (use up to 4 cups if you have them)

1 cinnamon stick

2 whole cloves

1/2 cup honey


This is so simple. Combine all ingredients in one large jar (or divide between two jars, if you have a lot of pits). Make sure the pits are completely covered with vodka. Seal the jar(s), and set aside in a cool, dark cupboard for three months. After three months, strain your Nalewka Babuni to remove the pits, and store the liqueur in a pretty bottle. Done!

Please remember this is a high alcohol liqueur… a little shared with friends goes a long way!




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