Kids in the Kitchen: An Ocean in my Lunchbox!


Whether you’re making lunch for young children or are a kid at heart yourself, this lunchbox treat is fun, fun, FUN! Simply 

prepare a box of Blue Raspberry Jello (yes, this is actually a thing) according to package instructions, and pour the Jello into three half-pint jelly jars. Place the jars in the refrigerator for a few hours until Jello has set.

Ball Half Pint Regular Mouth Jars and Lids BPA Free, 8 oz, Set of 12

Once the blue Jello has set, poke a butter knife into the Jello and insert a Swedish Fish candy. Repeat as desired (I placed two fish in each jar shown above). Voila! So easy!

Jolly Rancher, Blue Raspberry, Gelatin Mix, 2.79oz Box (Pack of 4)

Topped with a lid and screw-on band, these oceans can be easily transported in any lunchbox. To keep them cold and add a layer of cushioning, place the jelly jars in “can cozys” (yes, those foam things used to keep cans of beer and soft drinks cold). Jelly jars are the perfect size for this!

Have fun, and remember to play with your food.  🙂


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