Dried Pineapple Snacks

pineappleWith all the flavor of fresh, ripe pineapple and a chewy, candy-like texture, Dried Pineapple Snacks are perfect for combating a case of midday munchies. Even better, this snack has no added sugar and is super easy to prepare!

You don’t have a food dehydrator? Why the heck not? A food dehydrator can save you hundreds of dollars each year, and is well worth the investment.


To prepare Dried Pineapple Snacks, simply cut fresh pineapple into bite size pieces that are 1/4 inch thick. It’s important to avoid slices thicker than 1/4 inch, to assure proper dehydration. My dehydrator (shown above, and included on my Kitchen Gadgets page) holds two fresh pineapple. Arrange pineapple slices on the dehydrator trays so that they do not overlap. Then, allow to dehydrate for 14 hours at 135 degrees!


After 14 hours, transfer pineapple slices to quart size freezer bags. For long-term storage, place freezer bags in either a large airtight container (an old ice cream tub works well) or in the freezer. For short-term storage (two months or less), bags can simply sit in a kitchen cupboard.


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