Baked Trout, Tom Sawyer Style!

fish1The munchkins here at Crowded Earth Kitchen recently finished reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Whenever they reach the end of a classic bedtime story such as this, we try to do something fun in keeping with the theme of the book. The teacher in me believes this helps them to synthesize their learning, and the Mom in me simply enjoys spending time with the kids! I digress.

Last weekend, we spent a Saturday as Tom and Huck might have, fishing for trout with cane poles on the shore of a pond. Mark Twain would have smiled at the whoops and hollers which burst through the quiet afternoon every time a wriggling trout was found on the end of one of those cane poles! After a few hours, they had gathered four handsome trout for dinner.

fish2To prepare Baked Trout, Tom Sawyer Style, begin with one trout (approximately 1 pound), cleaned and head removed, per person. Place each trout on an 18″ long piece of aluminum foil, lightly greased with a strip of raw bacon. Stuff a small handful of fresh herbs inside of the trout (we used rosemary), and place a small strip of bacon on top of the fish. Tightly seal each fish inside of the aluminum foil.

fish3Place foil wrapped fish on a sturdy baking sheet. Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and open foil carefully – the steam is outrageously hot! Serve your Baked Trout, Tom Sawyer Style with melted butter and a side of grilled or roasted vegetables.


Happy cooking! Happy reading!

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